Exploring Valenzuela City #arkongbato #heritage

Exploring Valenzuela City #arkongbato #heritage

TinTin: Dear Pat


School has started last week, nothing extreme happened yet. Yes its our last academic semester and the last will be spent for practicum. Pat I am so terrified, im scared that what happened to me in High School will happen again.. I want it this time, Pat. I cant lose right now. Will you help me. I…

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with my little loves <3 (Taken with Instagram)

with my little loves <3 (Taken with Instagram)

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If  you want to know more about the gorgeous fashion blogger Ms. Camille Co, follow her blog : http://itscamilleco.com/ . You will love her too! ^^


By just hyping her looks on LOOKBOOK.nu we’re making her win this Mango It Girl Contest grand prize:

Out of 5 finalists, one girl will be chosen to be the
 Mango It Girl for Mango’s S/S 2012 online campaign. They will also receive a
 $10,000 check to the charity of their choice. 

Every finalist receives a new Mango wardrobe worth $500 and an 
expense-paid trip to Mango HQ in Barcelona, Spain.

HYPE NOW! (*voting ends on Oct 24*)

1. http://lookbook.nu/look/2518145-It-s-All-About-Mango

2. http://lookbook.nu/look/2521521-Denim-On-Denim

3. http://lookbook.nu/look/2539415-What-A-Guy

4. http://lookbook.nu/look/2543085-Can-t-Get-Enough

5. http://lookbook.nu/look/2547621-Jumanji

"I knooooooow, kulit ko lang but I’d really appreciate it if you do. It would be an honor to not just represent our country in Barcelona, but girls like me as well. I’d get to donate $10,000 to my charity of choice too! I’m thinking typhoon victims or the differently-abled kids at Cottolengo. :)" —Ms. Camille Co

*fingers crossed Ms. Camille! =)

Theyhave confirmed that they are dating.

Look how happy they are with each other:


I was just searching for Min Young’s photos on Google images then I saw this caption “Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend” in this photo

Here’s where I got the news. posted on August 23, 2011 : http://myms.in/lee-min-ho-and-park-min-young-lee-min-ho-girlfriend.html

And another photo that says "Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young share a kiss"

Here’s where I got this super kilig photo : http://widget.widgetspad.com/lee-min-ho-park-min-young-share-a-kiss/

So now, girls out there, Min Ho’s taken. Should it be this =))) or this ;(((

Share what you feel. Is it romance? happiness? jealous? envy? or hope? =)

Me?  I love Min young, she’s pretty. I have loved her since High Kick through the Roof. And I’ve loved Min Ho since Boys Over Flowers and will love him forever!  I’m  happy for them! Like this ;))))))))) I feel romance ♥.♥

Let’s just all be hopeful about the good future of their relationship!

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